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Large 2020 Dubai Arabian Horse Festival

Mozn AlBidayer  Gold Champion Senior Mare bred and owned by Al Bidayer Stud  

Large 10th Qatar International Arabian Peninsula Horse Show 2020

SHAMAN AL NASSER gold champion junior colts      YAMAMA AL NASSER silver champion yearling filly    REEMA AL NASSER silver champion junior filly    HARIR AL JASSASIYA bronze champion yearling colts 

Large 2020 Qatar international Show

Razeen Al Nasser  Silver Champion yearling colt owned by Al Nasser Stud Arwa Al Nasser Silver Champion junior filly owned by Al Nasser stud  Badi Athbah  Bronze Champion senior Stallion owned by Al Jazeel Arabians 

Large 2020 Al Khalediah Festival

Pepita  Gold Champion Senior Mare owned by Akmal Stud ES Harir Gold Champion Senior Stallions owned by Al Saqran Stud Malikat Al Moluk Silver Champion Senior Mare owned by Al Kashab Stud Haleem Al Enaya Silver Champion Yearling Colts owned by Al Enaya Stud   Qaiser Al Tinhat  Bronze Champion Yearling colt owned by Al Tinhat Stud

Large 2019 Dirab Arabian Horse Show

  Anna MC Gold Champion Junior Filly Owned By Al Khashab Stud Pepita Gold Champion Senior Mare Owned by Akmal Stud  Malikat Al Mulouk Silver Champion Senior Mare Owned by Al Khashab Stud

Large 2019 World Championships Paris

  EKS Farajj  Gold World Champion Junior Colt Owned by Al Khashab Stud    Maisa Al Nasser  Bronze World Champion Senior Mare Bred and Owned by Al Nasser Stud   A Vision MI  Paris World top 10 Junior Filly owned by AlBidayer Stud  

Large EKS FARAJJ New video Let the show begin

  EKS Farajj Ready for Paris 

Large check out the 2019 STC Auction aftermovie

Large Israel National championship

Israel unanimous gold champion junior filly M.M ENYA ( RFI FARID & M.M.ELIANA ) Owned by Adel Falah Alheeb   Bred by mario matt arabians Also a special thank you to Yuval and Lizzy Keller from BKV Arabians

Large STC congratulates Equiborn KA Scottsdale Breeders Finals Champion Stallion

    Congratulations to the great Belgium bred Equiborn K.A. on the win of Scottsdale Breeders Finals Champion Stallion! Shown perfectly by David Boggs

Large Schoukens Training Center would like to congratulate all the buyers on the purchase of the following horses

  It is with great pleasure we congratulate and thank all the clients and friends that bought horses and supported the 2019 STC Auction!!!   Evitaa K.A. | Sold to Al Sheikh Stud - Israel Valentino’s Angel MI | Sold to Flaxman Arabians - Belgium Justiah | Sold to Al Shiraa Stables - Abu Dhabi Flaxman’s Psierra | Sold to Zaid & Murad Fandi - Israel Akira AS | Sold to Akmal Stud - KSA FS Laurette | Sold to Mohammad Dweik - Israel Maya AS | Sold to De Cartherey Arabians - France Roycey Rose-D | Sold to Sea-Horse - Belgium Cypsela | Sold to De Cartherey Arabians - France MT Morning Rose T | Sold to Fransisca Cornet - The Netherlands Doralina | Sold to Eriska Arabians - UK Malala Apal-S | Sold to De Cartherey Arabians - France Jolie Coeur

Large 2019 All Nations cup Aachen

  Thank you to all our clients and friends who supported us during this amazing weekend. And a big hug and thank you to our amazing team at the show and at the farm!!! Maisa Al Nasser  Gold Champion Senior mare bred and owned by Al Nasser Stud    EKS Farajj Gold Champion Junior Colts shown for Al Khashab Stud bred by Elkasun Arabians   A  Vision MI Bronze Champion junior filly owned by AlBidayer Stud Bred by Mullawa Arabians   Jassid KA  Bronze Champion Yearling Colts Bred and owned by Knocke Arabians