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Tom & Glenn Schoukens

Two brothers, One passion ...

Started already as youngsters, full of ambition and dedication, in their Dad's "Pajottenland Training Center".
They have traveled around the world to get more knowledge, experience and impressions.

Today they welcome you at their own Schoukens Training Center, located in Maldegem - Belgium.
Their facility has around 120 stables including some large mare & foal stables, a stallion quarantine and running stables for the foals.

The horses go out in one of the beautiful fields around the farm, that cover an area around 12 ha.
There are 2 indoor arenas, an outdoor arena, an indoor horsewalker, a Vitafloor and some outdoor paddocks.

Schoukens Training Center is also an officially approved AI Centre with breeding and lab facilities. 

After an update in 2016 to the office and a meeting room, friends and clients can have a pleasant stay at Schoukens Training Center.
From the meeting room, you can see the horses in the indoor arena.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our farm!

Tom - Cathy - Glenn - Mieke - Denis - Lies - Gudrun - Kimberly - Emmie - Jesse - Narcis - Robine - Thomas

Axelle - Manda - Charline - Shannon - Nastasia - Amber -  Arek - William - Marc - Marzanna - Stefaan - Matthias



The Schoukens Team

Cathy Tamsin & Tom Schoukens

Amy Jo




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