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Large 2020 European Championship & Praque Intercup

2020 European Championships Efora KL European Junior Champion Filly Owned by Klikowa Arabians   Kabsztad Silver European Champion Stallion shown by Koen Hennekens On lease to Flaxman Arabians Owned by Michalow Stud   Woj Class Winner 4 to 6 Year old Stallion owned by Flaxman Arabians   Praque Intercup  Woj Gold Champion Senior Champion Stallion Owned by Flaxman Arabians 

Large 2020 Bruges Arabian Horse Event

EUROPEAN C-SHOW Dynamite K.A.   | Gold Champion  Yearling Colts Owned by Knocke Arabians Enchanting K.A. | Gold Champion Junior Colts  Owned by Knocke Arabians Badia A|  Silver Champion   Yearling Fillies  Owned by Arabian Farm SA Libero K.A.   |  Silver Champion Junior Colts Owned by Knocke Arabians Thousand Waves K.A.  | Silver Champion Senior Mare + Best Belgian Horse Owned by Knocke Arabians WOJ |  Silver Champion Senior Stallion Owned by Flaxman Arabians Thalina K.A. |  Bronze Champion Junior Fillies  Owned by Knocke Arabians EUROPEAN JUNIOR BREEDERS SHOW Badia A|  Silver Champion   Yearling Fillies  Owned by Arabian Farm SA INTERNATIONAL B-SHOW Bader Akmal |  Gold Champion Yearling Colts 

Large 2020 Elran

  Bader Akmal |  Silver Champion Yearling Colt and Classwinner Yearling Colts Owned by Akmal Stud   Rannan Akmal |  Bronze Champion Junior Colt and Classwinner 2 year old Colts Owned by Akmal Stud      Evangelos K.A. |  Bronze Champion Senior Stallion Owned by Barbour Stud

Large 2020 Ströhen

EUROPEAN C-SHOW Enchanting K.A. |  Silver Champion Junior Colt + Classwinner 2 year old Colts Owned by Knocke Arabians Thousand Waves K.A. | Bronze Champion Senior Mare + Classwinner 4-6 year old Mares Owned by Knocke Arabians INTERNATIONAL B-SHOW Bader Akmal |  Bronze Champion Junior Colt  Owned by Akmal Stud Hasna Akmal |  Bronze Champion Junior Filly + Classwinner 2 year old Fillies Owned by Akmal Stud HHC Ali-K | Classwinner 7-9 year old Mares Owned by Akmal Stud

Large STC Auction

Large 2020 Menton

Mozn Albidayer | Gold Champion Senior Mare and Best in Show Female Owned by Albidayer Stud   Davida | Bronze Champion Junior Filly Owned by Alqubaisi Stud

Large STC Online Auction Difficult times require creative initiatives… STC Online Auction is ready to Welcome you!   These times where all of us struggle with isolation, sadness or worries about the future we need to be creative and find new ways for our businesses to survive and flourish. We need to keep our Arabian Horse Community active, therefor we need to explore new ideas and projects. That is why we created this online auction and sales platform, offering some of our beautiful horses. An easy and accessible way for new people to find their Dream Horse! Their first Amateur show horse, an International Champion or a well-bred breeding prospect. There will be An opportunity for everyone!   May You all Stay Healthy

Large 2020 Dubai Arabian Horse Festival

Mozn AlBidayer  Gold Champion Senior Mare bred and owned by Al Bidayer Stud  

Large 10th Qatar International Arabian Peninsula Horse Show 2020

SHAMAN AL NASSER gold champion junior colts      YAMAMA AL NASSER silver champion yearling filly    REEMA AL NASSER silver champion junior filly    HARIR AL JASSASIYA bronze champion yearling colts 

Large 2020 Qatar international Show

Razeen Al Nasser  Silver Champion yearling colt owned by Al Nasser Stud Arwa Al Nasser Silver Champion junior filly owned by Al Nasser stud  Badi Athbah  Bronze Champion senior Stallion owned by Al Jazeel Arabians 

Large 2020 Al Khalediah Festival

Pepita  Gold Champion Senior Mare owned by Akmal Stud ES Harir Gold Champion Senior Stallions owned by Al Saqran Stud Malikat Al Moluk Silver Champion Senior Mare owned by Al Kashab Stud Haleem Al Enaya Silver Champion Yearling Colts owned by Al Enaya Stud   Qaiser Al Tinhat  Bronze Champion Yearling colt owned by Al Tinhat Stud

Large 2019 Dirab Arabian Horse Show

  Anna MC Gold Champion Junior Filly Owned By Al Khashab Stud Pepita Gold Champion Senior Mare Owned by Akmal Stud  Malikat Al Mulouk Silver Champion Senior Mare Owned by Al Khashab Stud