Invitation to the 2022 STC Auction!


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Large All Lots Online - STC Auction 2022

All lots are online, view them  here ! The auction will be held on September 26 2022, and start at 4 PM sharp. Contact to book your seats.

Large Auction Timetable

YOU ARE WARMLY INVITED TO THE 2022 STC AUCTION 26 of September 2022 2 PM OPEN STABLES 3 PM RECEPTION 4 PM START AUCTION FOLLOWED BY THE AFTER PARTY   Contact  for more information and to book your seat.    

Large 2021 Bruges Arabian Horse Event

EUROPEAN C-SHOW Ender K.A.|  Gold Champion   Yearling Colts Owned by Knocke Arabians Jassid K.A.|  Gold Champion Junior Colts + Best Belgian Horse Owned by Knocke Arabians Sidarta AS   |  Silver Champion Yearling Colts Owned by Arabian Soul -Rodrigo Gonzales Selena K.A.   |  Silver Champion  Yearling Fillies Owned by Knocke Arabians Elan De Joie K.A. |  Bronze Champion Yearling Fillies  Owned by Knocke Arabians Laura KL  | Bronze Champion Junior Fillies Owned by Klikowa Arabians Libero K.A. |  Bronze Champion Senior Stallions  Owned by Knocke Arabians EUROPEAN JUNIOR BREEDERS SHOW Moët LA|  Bronze Champion   Yearling Colts Owned by Walter Franco INTERNATIONAL B-SHOW Bshaier Al Nasser|   Gold Champion Senior